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This course is all about teaching you how to create and run your own online shop.

Most people want to sell online, however, do not know where to start, and how to start. They end up paying ridiculous amounts to register their businesses,  then ridiculous amounts to get their logos done, then even more ridiculous sums to create websites. And further ridiculous sums to advertise their brands using digital strategies they don't even know how to effectively use, but most of all, they end up giving up because they don't know how to market themselves effectively anyway or just feel they are not cut out for the demands of running your own business.  

They don't realize that you need to learn from people that have done it and that are still doing it what mistakes to avoid and what to do to reduce costs and maximize your return on investment with the little that you have. Most of the start-up costs can be avoided by doing everything yourself.  You can save by spending a fraction of the capital payments required by external suppliers. 

Whether it is in fashion or type of business, we help you save costs by showing you how to get it done yourself. How to register your business, how to buy domains for cheaply and host them cheaply. How to get an email address that reads your company as the domain, and not gmails or yahoo, how to use digital marketing strategies effectively. How to take your own professional pictures and upload them on your own website without hiring an expensive photographer. 

 We offer this course for R 15 000. The course is 2 months long. It is online based so you get to do the course at your own time in the comfort of your own home. We use Zoom call to perform meeting classes with our qualified and experienced online business tutors and qualified digital marketers. We are a first and one of a kind solution to individuals who want to succeed online as a  startup online business. 

The course can be paid for over 2 months. R 7500 month 1 and balance at the beginning of month 2. 

This is what some of the new students who have done our course thus far had to say. 

Instagram handle:  "Malimukids:  Thank you so much, I honestly don't know what I would have done without Sauvemaxiafashion Academy for the speedy process to help me launch. You have been totally awesome. Looking forward to our website" 

YFM Khutso Theledi quote " I put my stamp of this one, higher recommended, I wear them too." 


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